Project Phases


Phase / Description of the phase

04/09/2017–05/09/2017 Startup meeting (1 day online Skype workshop)

10/10/2017–10/12/2017 Creating and updating website

10/10/2017–10/12/2017 Situation analysis – task period (field research by both WB and V4 experts)

10/10/2017–10/12/2017 Creating and monitoring “field labs” in WB

Developing curricula for the training which will be held in Hungary, Slovakia and Czech R.

20/03/2018–24/03/2018 Field trip to existing practices in V4 dealing with soil moisture management

15/04/2018–31/05/2018 Presenting a final document called “white paper” for soil moisture content management the case of WB.