processing fruits and vegetablesAims to present what constitutes this type of market. Which are the conditions and trends of the market, competition, future predictions and factors for successful market positioning. The analysis is the input for the second phase of the consulting package. This will aim at preparation of a business plan for those products for which the initial analysis shows that they are economically justified for investment.

The data used in the analysis origins in large part from secondary sources. The main data sources are the leading research companies, agencies and universities, statistical institutes in Europe, Macedonia and the region, and the leading magazines and shows of the area that is treated. The main sources of the analysis are the research companies Euromonitor1, Business Monitor International2, ИBIZVordl and CBI. For the analysis of national level data are mainly provided by the State statistical office of the Republic of Macedonia and the Central registry of the Republic of Macedonia. The purposes of this research were used some primary data from experts in the field and an analysis of the prices of retail.

A limitation of the analysis is the lack of detailed data for the sub sector of dried fruits and vegetables. This sub-sector is too small and is treated as an integral part of a broader field that includes more groups of products which include nuts and soups. Main conclusions of the market analysis are:

  • The main strategy of positioning is the production for other companies. (LSM with their own trademarks and private companies have already built a trade mark).
  • The establishment of strategic partnership with local and foreign companies is an integral part of the main strategy of positioning.
  • Dried fruits and vegetables as a sub-sector in the processing of fruits and vegetables is limited. What is indicated through this analysis is that the market of dried fruit and vegetables is too small, both at national and international level and as a result it does not provide sustainability.
  • The establishment of a strategic partnership with the buyers of great СОЗ in the Republic of Macedonia is a factor for success in the industry.
  • The narrowing of the period of payment to farmers in comparison with the period of payment of the purchasers of СОЗ is one of the key factors for ensuring a stable raw material.
  • Agreed production by individual agricultural producers is an additional model of provision of adequate quantity and quality of the raw material from the СОЗ.

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