Polirural H2020 – Newsletter 10

PoliRural Newsletter 10 is now available and it contains the latest information of the Project, including:
– PoliRural Regional Recommendations
– Guide to Deep Dives on the regional impact of Covid 19
– PoliRural participation in the Ruralization mid-term Conference
– New entrant case study from PoliRural pilot Slovakia Region
You can learn more here at this LINK.

Polirural H2020 – Foresight Summit

Polirural Foresight Summit dedicated to Regional Action Plans was held on the 1st of December 2021.

GGP participated in plenary and group discussions about the regional policy challenges, policy measures, and sources of funding. The AP contribution to EU missions and the involvement of regional policy actors in the process of their implementation was also highlighted.

Cities2030 – Policy Lab Seminar


GGP as partner in Cities2030 H2020 project participated in the Policy Lab Seminar.  This interactive event gave an opportunity for partners to discuss about the challenges in policy lab establishment and vision development, sharing knowledge, networking and supporting each other.

Polirural H2020 – Deep Dive Report Pilot 11 NMK

GGP as pilot partner and AgFutura Technologies as pilot leader performed Pilot 11 Deep Dive exercise, which was performed through execution of desk work followed by discussions with relevant stakeholders (farmers, representatives of farmers’ organizations, rural development experts and policy makers in rural development).
The analysis was focused on four key issues: Covid19, CAP reform, Green Deal and Biodiversity in the context of NMK Pilot 11 regional situation.
Read more about the Gevgelija – Strumica region Deep Dives Report for the Polirural H2020 Project on the following link.

Polirural H2020 – Newsletter 9

Polirural Newsletter 9 is now available, and it contains the latest information of the Project, including:

  • Results from Summer School on Rural Enterprise, Heritage and Tourism Development
  • Activities from PoliRural pilots – Slovakia Region, Segóbriga, Vidzeme, Galilee and Central Bohemia

    You can read more about the newest development on this LINK.

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Ploutos H2020 – Facilitating the transfer of surplus food from farms to socially disadvantaged groups in Serbia & North Macedonia

We join forces to create a large network of companies and organizations that can be easily and digitally connected by registering on the FoodSHare Platform and thus supporting the process of redistributing surplus food  to socially marginalized groups, reducing waste and preserving the environment.
Follow the progress and development of the SIP9 within EU project Ploutos H2020 on this LINK.