The second webinar for the project “Ploutos- – Sustainable Innovation Pilot 9 in Serbia and N.Macedonia” was held on 18.02.2021 by Blagoja Mukanov, representative and consultant from “Green Growth Platform” (GGP). This meeting was held online through the Microsoft Teams platform.

At the start of the meeting, there was a short introduction of the participants, humanitarian organizations involved in the process of donating food and the managing partners for the project “Ploutos” represented by Blagoja Mukanov from GGP (N.Macedonia) and Maja Zikic and Nikola Terzin from Foodscalehub(Serbia).

The main aim of the meeting was presentation of the project “Ploutos” and the pilot activities in the Republic of N.Macedonia as part of the Sustainable Innovation Pilot 9 in Serbia and N.Macedonia.

The focus of the presentation was on the Pilot 9 objective, which is developing a platform that will engage users from the entire value chain and provide quality exchange of information on food donation opportunities. This platform will help reduce food waste and optimize donation ecosystem with food donors (eg. retail grocers, farmers, producers, distributors, and foodservice operators)  and the Green Development Platform as coordinator of the platform on one side, users of the donated food (eg. public kitchens, Red Cross, SOS Children’s Village and other humanitarian organizations) on the other side.

There was a short presentation of the platform FoodSHare, its functions and benefits. The participants had the opportunity to witness the easy and simple usage of the platform (usage by donors, users and volunteers). This way of donating will allow full transparency around food surplus and the communities it’s helping.  FoodSHare will offer a simple, flexible service with charity vetting and ongoing support. Charities will have the power to access food donations and support at no charge, either to redistribute in food parcels or cook on-site (depending on the type and quantity of surplus). FoodSHare provides a secure and convenient way for food businesses to connect with frontline charities and community groups to streamline surplus food donations.