Why is current rural policy not keeping pace with the fast changing world? Is there any solution for this troubling matter? The answer is YES.

The project Polirural tackles challenges regarding rural policy and provides several solutions on how to overcome this challenge.  On 07.11.2019 the pilot leader for the pilot in Macedonia AgFutura Technologies and the pilot partner GGP organized an event – Regional panel. On this regional panel the pilot leader presented the project and its main objectives:

  1. Design a multi-governance policy innovation hub and European ecosystem which strengthens the evidence base for rural policy, making it truly participatory and forward looking
  2. Measure prevailing attitudes toward rural policies among regional stakeholders by combining survey research with innovative text mining techniques that are both rigorous (can produce accurate insights) and versatile (can be used with multiple online sources)
  3. Explore the future trajectory of rural development in every participating region using a hybrid foresight approach (quantitative plus qualitative), taking into account both historic and current situation, and potential changes in policies, market conditions, demographic situation, ICTs and the environment, among other factors
  4. Advance the understanding of rural reality as perceived by existing rural populations and recent or potential newcomers (new entrants), and use the newly acquired knowledge to co-design tangible support mechanisms which make rural places and professions more accessible, attractive, equitable, resilient and competitive

Apart from introduction of the project, the pilot leader explained the roles for all participant taking part in this pilot. This piloting will take place in 12 countries (meaning there will be 12 pilots in total) in 5 regions in Europe (Central, North, Eastern, Western and South region).

As part of the panel, a discussion was open among all participants to learn more about their concerns, problems and suggestions. After the discussion a categorization of problems was created in order to better define and separate all existing and potential problems.

For images of the Regional Panel check our Gallery.