pilot farm project - precision agriculturePrecision agriculture  Is one of the areas of agriculture and rural development activities in which the team here at Green Growth Platform (GGP) is devoting its attention.

Today’s agriculture uses sophisticated GPS technology and advanced devices that allow businesses to be more efficient, profitable, easy and environmentally friendly. With a lot of research and help from our partners AgriDron  the team at GGP spent last week visiting farms in Macedonia in order to familiarize farmers with the concept of Precision Agriculture.

By examining the soil of these pilot farms we were able to help farmers in Macedonia find out more information about their soil and the crop they are producing. By offering instructions of how to use this new technology, this precision agriculture management concept that is based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intro-field variability in crops will be of great assistance and value to our farms.

We would like to acknowledge the work of all the farms we managed to visit and express our gratitude to Bonier-Z.K Erdzelija, Uni AgroAgriaAgricultural Cooperativ-Eko IlindenDushan Kjirikj for the support during this past week.


Pilot Farm Project



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